Founded in the year 1949 by Mr. T. Abdul Wahid, the tannery is located strategically between Chennai and Bangalore cities and consists of 2 main divisions, Tannery 1 & 2.

Tannery 1 and 2 are well equipped tanneries with ultra-modern machinery procured from the best manufacturers. The product lines processed here are goat skins, sheep skins, cow calf and cow hides, with processing facilities from beam house upto finishing. A Research and development (R&D) division of the tannery plays a key role in continuously developing and catering to the ever changing trends of the fashion and leather industries.

The tannery focuses on the importance of environmental protection with many systems in place, and it has been Gold rated by the audit done by Leather Working Group (LWG). The tannery also has SATRA certification and all its inspectors are SATRA certified.

At T. Abdul Wahid Tanneries, creating a sustainable working environment, in harmony with nature, has been a genuine resolve since our inception. A fact that is supported by TAW being one of the pioneers in South India to equip our tanneries with a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant (ETP) with a 2 stage reverse osmosis system and chrome recovery plant (CRP). With a goal to achieve zero liquid discharge, the tannery has set up a state-of-the-art mechanical evaporation system at its premises, due to which a total of 95% of water is recycled back into the tannery.

Giving back to society has been the onus and motivation for the group and TAW has invested time and energy towards social causes, taking up CSR activities in and around the tannery. A school run by its foundation, educates 2200 young minds and a road map is also in place for a college for women, empowering young minds for a bright future.